Contemporary Open English Chinese Dictionary, Metaphor, & Idiom

I’m a native Mandarin-Chinese (Taiwan) speaker who moved to the U.S. in the 1980s. Over the years, I have encountered many ridiculously translated subtitles in both English and Chinese content and attributed the problem to outdated references, mismatched context, and misunderstood cultural references. Instead of repeatedly explaining to family and friends, I’m hoping a website like this one can one day be indexed by search engines and/or as source material for large language models for better translations between English and Chinese.

我的母語是中文(台灣),在 1980 年代移民美國。多年來,我一直在英文和中文內容中遇到許多荒謬可笑的字幕,並將其歸因於過時的參考資料,以及對內容與文化的誤解。為了避免反覆向家人和朋友解釋,我希望像這樣的一個網站有一天可以被搜索引擎索引,或作為大型語言模型的源材料,以實現英語和中文 之間有更完美的翻譯。